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    Boykin Spaniel Society® Upland Hunt Test

  • The Boykin Spaniel Society® is proud to announce the formation of a new field sports program for our breed. Over the past decade the Boykin Spaniel has made advances west and become a very sought after upland hunting breed. Many of our members are using our little brown dogs as pheasant and grouse hunting partners. In recognition of this the BSS is pleased to announce a way for our membership to start clubs and host upland hunting tests. The Upland Hunt Tests are open to BSS registered Boykin Spaniels and BSS approved clubs will conduct tests that simulate a day afield in pursuit of upland game birds. The dogs will compete not against each other but rather against specific test standards. The BSS will maintain a record of these hunts and award certifications and titles to those dogs achieving success. Tests will be set up to award titles for Novice, Intermediate, Open and BSS Upland Grand Champion. With this set up dogs of all levels of ability will be able to successfully compete and be challenged to improve their abilities for more advanced testing.
    Keep a close watch here and in the newsletter for notices of upcoming hunts and lists of newly titled Boykin Spaniels. For more information on starting a BSS upland hunting club, or on tests in your area, email Bill Crites at
  • Boykin Spaniel Society® Upland Hunt Tests

  • The Boykin Spaniel Societies® nation wide Upland Hunt Test program is currently growing beyond expectations. Early last year the Upper Mid West Boykin Spaniel Club was formed and accepted as our first licensed hunt test club. They went on and held the first BSS Upland Hunt Test and started a tradition of "Boykin Fest". Since this auspicious start we have also approved many more clubs to host tests. These clubs are all looking for new members and may be located in your area. Check below for current clubs and thier contact info. In addition to these clubs we have been talking with groups that hope to start clubs in Texas, Nebraska and Oregon. Keep your eyes open and check the Hunt Test page on the website, because with all these clubs a test will be in your neighborhood soon.
  • BSS Upland Clubs in Your Area

  • Upper Mid-West Boykin Spaniel Club
    Mid-South Boykin Spaniel Club
    Dang Yankee Boykin Spaniel Club
    Mid-Atlantic Boykin Spaniel Club contact Scott Culbreth at
    Low Country Boykin Spaniel Club contact Mike Thomas at
    Carolina Boykin Spaniel Retriever
    Mid West Boykin Spaniel Retriever Club....Contact Matt @
  • Upcoming Tests

  • Mid Atlantic Boykin Spaniel Club
    Boykin Spaniel Society Licensed Upland Hunt Test

    November 14 ‐15 2015
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BSS Upland Hunt Test Forms

  • The BSS is proud to announce the beginning of an Upland Hunt Test program. This program will allow BSS approved clubs will conduct tests that simulate an upland hunting day afield. The dogs will compete not against each other but rather against specific test standards. The BSS will maintain records of each dog's achievements (passes and points earned). Titles of Upland Novice(UN) , Upland Intermediate (UI), Upland Open (UO), and BSS Grand Champion (UGCH). These titles will be awarded to your dog by Certificate of merit as well as a permenent prefix on your dogs pedigreed name.
  • In order to receive BSS Title achievement points an individual must be a member of and in good standing with the BSS. All dogs must be registered with the BSS.
  • If you or your organization is interested in hosting an event the following forms will get you headed in the right direction.
  • Click on the form link to download the form:
  • BSS Hunt Test Judge Sheets
  • BSS Hunt Test Club Application
  • BSS Upland Hunt Test Judge Application
  • BSS Upland Hunt Test Final Report
  • BSS Upland Hunt Test Program Guidelines
  • Upland Hunt Test Rules