In response to the growing popularity of our little brown dogs as pheasant and grouse hunting partners in the midwestern and western states, The Boykin Spaniel Society rolled out a new field sports program for our breed in 2010. Through our Upland Hunt Test program, Society members are given a purpose to start up new regional Boykin spaniel clubs and host upland hunting tests which are open only to BSS members and their BSS-registered Boykin spaniels which are properly recorded as being owned in their name. Approved clubs conduct tests that simulate a day afield in pursuit of upland game birds and the occasional ducks. Unlike the BSS Upland National Field Trial, the dogs in a hunt test do not compete not against each other, but rather against specific test standards at three different levels of skills-attainment: Novice, Intermediate, and Open (advanced). With this set up, dogs of all ability levels will be able to successfully prove themselves, and be challenged to improve their abilities for more advanced testing of their skills in the field.

The BSS maintains the record of these hunt tests and awards certifications and pedigree titles to those dogs achieving success. Tests will be set up to award pedigree titles for Novice, Intermediate, and Open. For those dogs who attain equal successes in our Retriever Hunt Test program, the titles of Gundog Novice, Gundog Intermediate and Gundog Open will be conferred. In order to receive BSS Title achievement points, an individual dog owner must be a member of, and in good standing with, the Boykin Spaniel Society. All dogs must be registered with the BSS.

Keep a close watch out for upcoming tests in your part of the country: notices will be periodically posted here as well as on the Facebook page of The Boykin Spaniel Society and in the Club News section of The Boykin Spaniel Society Magazine. The Boykin Spaniel Society Upland Hunt Test program is administered by the BSS Field Trial Committee.

Upland Hunt test User Files: Test Rules, Forms, and More

Test Secretaries "How-To" Files

Looking For Boykin Spaniel Society® Upland Hunt Tests Near You?

While not all of the national network of BSS-sanctioned clubs hold Upland Hunt Tests throughout the year, most do. You're likely to find that many of the clubs hold instructional and training events, and may even offer one-on-one help for you and your dog. All of the clubs are looking for new members.

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